Drinking While Pregnant–Is There A Jury Still Out?

imagesAs much as I like to do drink, I had no problem changing my habits while expecting each of my three beautiful, healthy children. That being said, I was lucky to have an obstetrician who did not have a problem allowing me the occasional glass of wine (once I was past my first trimester).

Though fairly infrequent, each sip that permeated my palate was that much tastier, and I had no concern, or guilt, that a small quantity of wine would affect my baby. After all, I knew that women in European countries drank–in moderation–during pregnancies, and they too, gave birth to healthy children.

In the U.S., there is (of course) an abstinence-only position on drinking while pregnant, but interestingly, there are a number of studies that have come out with some varying evidence. Read below on ModernMom.com about some recent research and let us know, did you drink while you were pregnant?

About Drinking and Pregnancy