Alcohol Ads Target Men, Women, (Teens?) With Lesbians! Vampires!

by Leah on October 20, 2009

They’re everywhere: Ads for alcohol. Many of them featuring scantily clad fembots with big bazooms, shiny legs and icy stares, like the one that stared me and my three children in the face on the side of a truck as I drove them to school recently. They seem to be targeted to men, or are they? With some of the ads, it’s hard to tell…

The Media Awareness Network divided female stereotypes in alcohol advertising into six categories: The Sexpot/Bimbo, The Man Eater, The Rebel, The Prize, The Party Girl, and my personal favorite–The Objectified/Dismembered Woman.

Here are the pictures that go along with the ads: media-wareness

Now, according to, we have two new categories, which I’ll call–The Lipstick Lesbians, for a brand called Passionne–and–The Vampires–for Remy Martin…Who do you think these ads are aimed at–men? Women? Twilight-obsessed teens? If you had to design an alcohol ad campaign for women, what would it be? 

liquor ad girls

“So, who is this ad aimed at? Horny men? Or is it a drink designed for lesbian get-togethers? If so, we may have the long-awaited female version of Schmidt’s Gay.”

—Posted by Todd Wasserman on

remy martin ad

“A woman flips her head back, as though in the throes of ecstasy, while another looks on, lasciviously biting the first woman’s necklace. The caption: “Things are getting interesting.”

—Posted by Todd Wasserman on