Will a Slap in the Face Sober You Up, and Other Alcohol Myths Explored

by Leah on January 1, 2010

mythbusters-breathalyzer-frame-04Will a slap in the face sober you up? How about exercise? Or a cold plunge? Does coffee really help reverse the effects of a bender? Last night’s Mythbusters featured an hilarious segment on urban myths about alcohol.

The funniest part of the episode was realizing how painful it is to get drunk when you HAVE to.  Adam and Jamie lined up the shots, and gulped them down. “Almost like medicine,” one of them said.

To test their myths, before they got drunk, Adam and Jamie performed a standard coordination test that involved tracing a maze-like line. They measured both their accuracy and their speed. They also blew into a breathalyzer to analyze the alcohol content in their bloodstream.

Can you guess which two urban myths were plausible, and which were not, according to Adam and Jamie’s findings?

Even though running on a treadmill almost killed Adam (see You Tube video here), they found that exercise sobered them up. The other thing that worked? A slap in the face!

Coffee and an icy face-plunge were shown to be myths.

But as they say on the show–don’t try this at home! That treadmill fall looked painful, and I almost got ill watching them pound the shots.

If you want to test your knowledge of more urban myths about alcohol, Mythbusters has a series of fun questions on their site. (They also did a beer goggles myth busting test, and found beer goggles to be plausible, but their test didn’t seem too scientifically sound to me, although I’m sure plenty of anecdotal evidence supports the urban myth that the more you drink, the more attractive you find the opposite sex).


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