To All The Bars I’ve Loved Before

by guest on June 7, 2010

kollege_klubFor a new series of essays (or poems), we have invited some of our contributors to share a story, an episode, an experience that took place at a particular bar–a place that they hold in their memory for one reason or another. We hope you will enjoy reading these stories as they appear each Monday.

by Laurie Lindeen

Trameri’s, Ralph’s, Liquor Lyle’s, Jonathan Swift’s,

So welcoming,

You belong to someone.

Stache’s, Aunt Ruth’s, Paul’s Club, Jimmy and Tai’s Wrigleyville Tap,

You’re a member of the family,

By Jiminy.

Lou’s Worry, Bud’s East, Chesty’s, and Jocko’s Rocket Ship, You’re on the edge,

Nothing personal.

The 400, The 602,The Fourth Quarter,

They’ve got your number.

The Kollege Klub, The Plaza, The Colonial, The Ritz, The CC Club,

You’re a member in good standing.

The Wagon Wheel, The Caribou, The Wharf, The Willy Bear, The Sea View, The Square Rigger

Until you’re out to sea, alone on the prairie

Falling down.

Laurie Lindeen’s essay, “Uncool, Not Cute,” was posted on Drinking Diaries in July, 2009. She is the author of Petal Pusher, A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone’s anthology Altarockorama and the online magazine, The Morning News. Find her on the web at


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