Alcohol on Campus: Nearly Everyone Drinks, So What’s the Problem?

Oktoberfest. Football game tailgating. Drinking games like “quarters” and “beer pong.” If memory serves me, October is a pretty solid drinking month in college. And for some students–particularly the freshmen who are overcome with their newfound freedom–overdoing it is an increasingly growing problem.

Thanks to the the BACCHUS Network, a university and community based network focusing on comprehensive health and safety initiatives, the third week in October is now billed as National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW) at over 900 campuses across the United States.

Through a variety of activities, the national campaign provides students with ideas for alternatives to alcohol abuse and educates them on the personal choice of responsible alcohol use. At CSU Monterey Bay, for example, NCAAW events included a student panel, Gatorade Pong, Parent Night on East Campus, Movie Night, a “No Fear” Dance, Olympics Under the Influence, a Jello Wrestling Tournament, and a late night hip hop concert.

To give further attention to the issue of excessive college drinking, BU Today, Boston University’s online newspaper, chose Alcohol Awareness Week to publish a five-part series called “Alcohol on campus: nearly everybody drinks, so what’s the problem?” addressing several aspects of student drinking. The series provides the facts, the numbers, and the opinions of students, administrators, and experts on drinking–an issue that carries more weight for college kids than most people realize.

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