Pink Beer? Yes, Pink Beer

Quick question: Do you think women will drink more beer if it’s pink instead of amber?

Three female food technologists at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa are betting that the answer is yes! To test their theory, they’ve brewed up a strawberry-flavored beer called—wait for it—Pink Fantasy.

The women–Simone Beeharie, 20, Mishal Pillay, 20 and Sarisha Devnath, 19—used a home brewing system to create the beer, as part of a food product launch for the university.

Sarisha Devnath explained to Times Live that, “Beer is mainly drunk by men, so we decided to make something for women that has a less bitter flavor. Our beer has a strawberry aroma and is pink. It is more feminine.”

Tasters have been receptive, according to the women, though men have been apprehensive to drink the pink beer (or admit to liking it, perhaps).

For those of you who aren’t repulsed by the prospect of a sweet beer, the women hope to have their product on the market soon.

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