Sharing Our Drinking Stories (In 140 Characters or Less)

by Leah on November 30, 2012

Have you ever been to a Twitter party? Neither had we, until Wednesday night. Thanks to Mama Drama NY  and Holly Rosen Fink, otherwise known as The Culture Mom, we had a virtual Drinking Diaries *hangout*–and it was great!

We asked women to tweet us their Drinking stories in 140 characters or less, and it turned out that the brevity of the form allowed us to find the soul and essence of our sagas.  

Here are some of the responses we got: 

“Brunch as 12 yr old on fam trip to DC. Buzzed, dropped whipped creamy Belgian waffle on my lap.”

“Drank Everclear, never even got a buzz and ended up passing out 2x in front of someone’s mother – lesson learned.”

“My New Year’s Eve 1965 swandive into @TrudyCampbellNY’s punchbowl at midnight.”

“Phoenix tequila tasting – w/rattlesnake heads on our plates!”

“On Santorini w hubbie &friends, scared shitless riding double mopeds along coast to a winery=Best drink ever!” 

“I woke up on my bathroom floor in a bathrobe.. with empty pizza boxes next to me (no memory of eating)”

“Blk&tans @ Rogues show. Home on bike in soft rain. Stopped for red light. Stayed in crosswalk. Trucker never saw me.”

“Paris Junior year abroad:too much red wine, spiked disco ball across the room, spat wine in bartender’s face.”

“Have very strong memories of my Dad pouring scotch every Friday night.The clink of ice signaled the weekend.”

“Drinking story would probably be from my high school days. I used drinking to be extroverted and fun.”

“Started at 13 on a dare continued thru 20s hit thirty and slowed down, still enjoy but not as often as i wish.”

Here are some choice responses to our question: “How old were you when you had your first drink, and what was it?”

“I was only about 1 1/2 my bro found dads bottle, hospital trip.”

“Bourbon and coke, rubbed on my gums by my Dad at 2.”

“My 1st drink was a screwdriver that a waitress accidentally served me instead of OJ, I was 5.”

“ my mom said, “you cant have that, it’s beer.” i said “gimme the beer!” and that was my first full sentence.”

We asked: What’s your drinking style (abstainer or moderator?) Do you have a drinking contract (any drinking rules?): 

“My drinking style was punk rock recklessness, a splash of hedonism, & stomach pump on the side. Now it’s CarrieNation chic.”

“I actually go for months without a drop, then I’m Queen Cab, then back to sober months. Like seasons.”

“If you can drink and not think about it at all, you’re not the daughter of an alcoholic or addictive!”

“In past drinking days, personally I would tell peers to monitor my intake. Didn’t work well.”

“My only rule is: Do not drink while also being an alcoholic.”

“I only have like 3 drinks a year. Saw family that had major drinking problem.”

And how can you top this answer to our question: “What do you like best about drinking?” 

“Honestly, it makes football slightly interesting.”

Feel free to tweet us your drinking story, either on twitter to @drinkingdiaries, or you can leave it as a comment right here (Remember: 140 characters or less). You’d be surprised how much you can convey in those few words…

UP NEXT: Drinking haikus (you know you want to write one…)