Turning Wine Into Water

by Caren on March 1, 2013

Parch students playingBeginning today and continuing through the month of March, the Parch campaign is setting the stage for people to turn their wine into water for people in Haiti. For those wanting to engage in the effort, the campaign is asking people to support the cause by cutting back, or abstaining from drinking alcohol (or bubbly drinks for kids), and donating the money that they would’ve spent on that bottle of wine or case of Pepsi to the Andrew Grene Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to use the money to supply fresh drinking water to the students at the Andrew Grene High School in Cite Soleil, Haiti, where 247 children–between the ages of 11 and 19–currently attend.

Parch ways to help

The Parch website explains the benefits of cutting back on drinking, as well as those for cutting back on fizzy drinks—basically your kids’ dentist will be happy not to mention the nutritionist in the family.

As for the finances, the Parch site says the average person spends 3,000 English pounds—equivalent to 4,548 US dollars attoday’s exchange—so by cutting back for a month, you’ll be saving about $380, some of which can provide drinking water for these students.

On the Parch website, click on the tab that says “Choices for Taking Part,” and you’ll be able to choose whether you’d like to be a “Parcher” on weekdays, weekends, both, or just be a donor or supporter.

Sounds like a very worthwhile cause.  Up for the challenge?


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